Unique Development Opportunity at a Future Transit Node
433 Front Street West, Toronto



This non-disclosure agreement (“Agreement”) is made between Metrolinx and the bidder (the “Counterparty”) (collectively, the “Parties”, and each of them individually, a “Party”).


A. The Counterparty intends to bid on the opportunity to enter into an agreement with Metrolinx to redevelop the property municipally known as 433 Front Street West (the “Property”), which Property is located at the future Spadina-Front GO Station (the “Station”) along the Union Station Rail Corridor (the “Project”).

On the website www.433front.com, operated on behalf of Metrolinx by N. Barry Lyon Consultants Ltd. (“NBLC”), Confidential Information (defined below) owned or controlled by Metrolinx will be made available to bidders on a confidential basis to assist them in deciding whether to bid on the opportunity to enter into an agreement to redevelop the Property.

B. Each Party may disclose or provide access to Confidential Information to the other Party to evaluate the feasibility, and to discuss the terms, of the Project and redevelopment of the Property (the “Purpose”).


IN CONSIDERATION OF the foregoing and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the Parties agree as follows: